Zionists in Power

Some of the Zionists in Power in the U.S. Government When the Justice Department Targeted Me for Prosecution

Here are the names of some of the Zionists who were in power in the U.S. Government at the time that the Justice Department targeted me for prosecution in order to prevent me from continuing to widely disseminate shortly after 9/11 my belief that Zionists had orchestrated it. At that time, I was also widely disseminating a lot of other information that was detrimental to Zionists and/or Israelis.

I have also listed some of the influential Zionists who were in the news media at that time.

  • George Tenet–Director of the C.I.A.

  • Louis Freeh–F.B.I Director

  • Paul Wolfowitz–Deputy Secretary of Defense

  • Michael Chertoff–Head of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice  (He later went on to become the Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush.)

  • Richard Armitage–Deputy Secretary of State

  • Richard Perle–1st Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs

  • Elliott Abrams–National Security Council operative

  • Ari Fleischer–White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush

  • Kenneth Adelman–One of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board members

  • David Frum–One of President Bush’s speechwriters

  • Douglas Feith–Head of the Defense Department’s Office of Special Plans, and many more.

Powerful Zionist dual loyalists in the media at that time I was raided by the Justice Department:

  • William Kristol–Co-founder of The Weekly Standard magazine,

  • Irving Kristol–Founder and Editor of Many Magazines

  • Mortimer Zuckerman–U.S. News and World Report owner

  • Charles Krauthammer–political commentator and columnist

  • Mike Wallace–veteran 60 Minutes correspondent

  • Wolf Blitzer–CNN News Anchor

  • Ted Koppel–ABC Nightline anchor

  • Chris Wallace–ABC News

  • David Brooks–Weekly Standard Editor

  • Norman Ornstein–Journalist for the Washington Post and Many Magazines

  • Thomas Friedman–New York Times Foreign Affairs Editor

  • Jill Abramson–New York Times Washington, DC Bureau Chief

  • Lucianne Goldberg–Radio Talk-Show Host and Owner of Lucianne.com Website

  • Jonah Goldberg–Syndicated Columnist

  • Michael Savage–Radio Talk-Show Host

  • Bill Maher–Host of Politically Incorrect on ABC TV

  • Max Boot–Wall Street Journal Editor and Columnist and many, many more.

The possibility that I was targeted by the Government for disseminating negative evidence about the Zionists became even more plausible when I discovered that the brother of the head of the Defense Department’s Office of Special Plans, Douglas Feith, was the head of the criminal division of the New Hampshire U.S. Attorney’s Office, the very office which was prosecuting me! His name is Donald Feith. (Douglas Feith and the Office of Special Plans were also instrumental in the United States’ invasion of Iraq based upon flawed information.)

I can imagine that the conversation between Douglas Feith and Donald Feith went something like this:

Douglas Feith: “Donald, there is a guy in New Hampshire who is widely disseminating his beliefs that Zionists orchestrated 9/11 as a False Flag operation in which they blamed the attacks on Muslims and Arabs in order to dupe the United States into greatly expanding its military presence in the Middle East and waging war on the Zionist’s enemies. He is also widely disseminating other derogatory information about Zionists and/or Israelis. His name is Steven Swan and he lives in Auburn.”

Donald Feith: “Let me look into it.”

Donald Feith: “Oh yeah. Steven Swan is a tax protestor. It will be easy to silence him. Consider it done.”