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This is a website which explains how a cabal of wealthy, powerful Zionists are accomplishing their goal of world domination. They are doing so by conspiring with another cabal of authoritarians called the Bilderberg Group. (Zionists + Bilderbergers = Ziobergs)

Unfortunately for the Bilderbergers, after the Ziobergs accomplish their goal, the Zionists will turn on them and they will be the sole rulers of the world. Go to

On Labor Day, 2016, Comedy Central aired its Roast of Rob Lowe. One of the roasters was conservative pundit and prolific author, Ann Coulter. Most of the other roasters were Leftist comedians and performers.

During the course of the evening, most of the other roasters were vicious toward Ms. Coulter. She was called the C-word no less than 19 times, as well as many other vile names. She endured many nasty things being said about her and was told to kill herself.

On this website I have listed the contact information of the roasters who were vicious toward Ms. Coulter so that interested individuals can express their feelings toward them. Go to